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About Us

Carrying Out The Tradition

Here at Bruno’s Downtown, we strive to be consistent, fast, and friendly! Keeping the same recipe, and tradition has always been the goal! “This tastes like the original Bruno’s” is one of our favorite lines to hear from our customers. We have such a personable customer base, and that’s a perk of being a small, local pizza shop right in the center of Downtown South Bend. Being able to make a customer smile, laugh, or even being recognized because you’re one of the regulars with the same order, every week, is our specialty! It not only puts a smile on their face, but it puts a smile on our faces when we see a returning, happy customer! Giving back to the community in ways we can, like donating pizza to Camp Millhouse, A Rosie Place, sending our pizzas out to South Bend Motor Speedway so families can enjoy the taste of Bruno’s at the track, and supporting those who take care of our community. Keeping tradition, with speed, and kindness, here at Bruno’s Pizza Downtown!

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